Why Sony calls their Mini flagship as Compact version?

sony-xperia-z3-compact-1Pretty much Sony Ericsson pioneered the mini phones of Android way back in 2009 with the Xperia X10 mini and continued to come with Xperia Mini and Mini pro in the following year. But after Sony took over, the mini phones were not seen for a while until recently in the beginning of this year, Sony introduced their first ever Compact series and named it Z1 Compact that featured all the goodies of Z1 in a compact size. If we look at it closely this phone looked very much like the IPhone 5 or the 5S that was offering only an 8MP lens along with a 4 inch screen which I had explained in a previous post I made.

Although the compact line seemed vague to me in the beginning of this year, I really got the answer to the term right when Sony introduced their Z3 Compact in IFA Berlin 2014 that took place in beginning September 2014. Shockingly the dimensions of both Z1 Compact and Z3 Compact remained the same, while Sony actually increased the screen size to 4.6 inches from 4.2 inches, almost 10% increase from its predecessor. Also the successor became slimmer by almost a millimeter from 9.5mm in Z1C to 8.6mm in Z3C. Further differences can be noted in the link below:

Sony further extended this Compact series with the Tablet on the Z3 Tablet Compact. It is extremely slim at 6.4mm thickness compared to the 9mm thick Samsung’s 7inch Tab 4. Also it weighs a little less than the Samsung’s 7inch which is really quite a great achievement for a Tablet of 8inch screen size.

Source: Gsmarena.com

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