Metallic Strap Smartwatch 2 of Sony – First Impression


Although I had seen the Smartwatch2 last year in Gitex 2013 Dubai, I was eager to see their Metallic Strap Smartwatch2. Not available in the UAE, was quite a disappointment. So I decided to order online and got a piece for myself. And guess what? The Smart in Black is here and its on my hand.

To be honest, I am really impressed with the strap and it seems that the SW2 design just completes with this metallic strap. Of course strap is not bendable, so in case you want to remove and keep it is just kept like a display piece. As for the comparison of design between the general black strap and the metallic one, I would definitely prefer the latter as it completely stands out and beautifully supports the squared edges of the SW2.

smartwatch-2-sw2-black-metal-620x420-a68b378cc851f6c3485b883c3444b07fNow, what does the SW2 do to make it really a watch to consider for the price. We all know for a price of $200 there are so many luxury watches, but all that they do is show off and tell you the time. But Sony has been quite aggressive in smartwatches unlike others as this is kind of the 3rd generation SW starting with LiveView of 2011 and then bringing Smartwatch 1 in 2012. One of the coolest improvements of SW2 from its previous version is that you are able to change many settings from the watch itself like watch faces, brightness, etc. Reading emails with pictures, text messages, triggering, answering, muting or rejecting a call, viewing picture slideshows are some of the coolest features that you could expect from this smartwatch.

Of course this watch works with all android 4.0 plus devices, which makes is better than Samsung Gear that would only pair with some of Samsung phones. As far as battery life is concerned, I think their 3-4 days promise is quite a lot to expect for a touchscreen smartwatch. The pebble watch somewhat gets an extra plus for the battery but it not having touchscreen rules out a fair competition here. Sony Smartwatch 2 runs Sony’s proprietory software and all of the previous generations application are just going to work. So if you are someone moving from a Smartwatch1 like me, all you would have to do is unpair the setting with SW1 and pair it with SW2 and you are ready to go. SW2 is NFC enabled, which means you can take phone’s NFC over the watch’s NFC which is on the back and the connection instantly established. With Near Field Communication (NFC) getting popular these days, connections have just become hassle free.


The SW2 is truly an inspirable device and it is quite useful when you are constantly on the move. Now you can get instant update of Facebook and you can view the post with pics. The SW2 comes with a free software called Runtastic that is health partner app all the time.

So its not right to say Smartwatch 2 is only for tech geek. As the quality design, water resistant nature and clear sunlight visibility I could expect any smartphone users to have this.

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